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Minority Business Highlight: The Botanical Bar

Plant aficionado Victoria Beaty is the proud owner of The Botanical Bar, Indy’s first Black- and woman-owned plant shop.

Beaty’s shop, which opened as a brick-and-mortar store near the Bottleworks district in June 2022, carries everything from pet-friendly houseplants, to low-maintenance beginner plants and a few rare beauties. Her store also features other goods, such as stationary, coffee and mugs; art and candles from other local Black women-owned businesses.

Beaty said her shop started as a way for people to connect with plants and foster their own green spaces at home, even before the pandemic kept everyone inside for weeks at a time. Beaty also said it was important that the Botanical Bar be a welcoming and positive space, especially for women of color who, like her, may not have felt welcome in other plant shops around the city.

One of the ways Beaty strives to spread positivity and uplift the community is through monthly wellness events and plant workshops where people can come together and learn how to check in with their plants and check in with themselves. Beaty said she also has plans to launch a speaker series and more programming called “Let it Grow Sis” sometime in 2023.

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In addition to a vast selection of greenery, The Botanical Bar also offers repotting services in-shop — which include soil and fertilizer; plant care tools, such as pruning shears, moisture meters, plant food and misters; as well as pots and vessels.

The Botanical Bar is located at 1103 N. College Ave. More information about plant selection, upcoming events and services can be found at Get in touch with The Botanical Bar by email at or call 317.319.959.

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