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Long-term care close to home

By Brytnie Devon

BEFORE TRANQUILITY Nursing And Rehab opened its doors in May 2019, Indiana residents needing long-term care for traumatic brain injury (TBI) or advanced pulmonary disease had to go out of state.

Now, patients needing this type of specialized care can receive care in the state’s only skilled nursing facility specializing in TBI and advanced pulmonary disease. Patients can stay close to home and family while being surrounded by a team of professionals who offer personalized care and rehabilitation using therapy and technology.

“Family bonding and family involvement is so critical to the rehabilitation of anybody,” Omar Johnson, executive director, says. “We’re about rehabbing folks who have had catastrophic experiences from TBI and seeing that we get these folks back home to their loved ones. If we’re able to do that one to two patients at a time that’s what we’re going to do.”

TBI is defined as damage to an area of the brain, often caused by traffic accidents, blunt force trauma, stroke and other injuries. Specific symptoms of individuals who have TBI vary and are dependent on the specific area of the brain affected. However, some of the most common symptoms can have wide-ranging physical and psychological effects including slurred speech, loss of coordination, blurred vision, memory loss and more.

At Tranquility, the goal is always to return patients home to their families. Some individuals, however, may need to stay at the facility long term.

“If they’re going to stay here with us, our discharge plan is to have them be as functional as possible in the facility so that they can have purpose while they’re here,” says Amie Curry, director of rehabilitation. “If this is going to be their home, we want them to feel at home.”

Most patients at Tranquility are in their 30s, enjoy music, love sports and value socializing and family. Despite their injury, they want to feel included and “normal,” says Curry and Rosemary Pendley, speech language pathologist.

Joe West, 35, became a patient at Tranquility after a stroke. West has been at Tranquility for five months and believes the staff is genuine and passionate.

“Everyone on staff here wants me to get better and are willing to do whatever they can,” West says. “I really love it here. I’m well taken care of. I can’t say enough good things about this place.” 

Before transferring from another facility to Tranquility, Sean Wyatt, 51, had a difficulty seeing progress from his rehab treatment he received. After being at Tranquility for two-and-a-half months, Wyatt was able to return home to live with his family.

Tranquility Nursing and Rehab

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