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Minority Business Highlight: Rhythm & Flow  

A few years ago, De’shon McClain was in the streets and depressed when he stumbled upon a purpose: yoga.  

“I was chasing after a beautiful queen, and she invited me to a class. After that, the rest is history. People started asking me to teach, and I was saying to myself, ‘Who am I to teach and lead?” said McClain.  

That was 2018. 

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In 2020, he took the practice more seriously and started going to a breathwork class, which helped him deal with his depression in a healthy way.  

After a little encouragement, he signed up for a training course that lasted five months.  

He learned about the history of yoga and has been teaching for a year and half now after practicing for almost three.  

Rhythm & Flow

That is how he created Rhythm & Flow, LLC.  

He teaches the yoga style vinyasa, also called flow, which takes a fast-paced, fitness-based approach to breathing and meditation. McClain likes the strengthening style, using planks and yin, which focuses on deeper connective tissues giving a deeper stretch.  

He started off teaching at City Yoga

He offers BIPOC classes across the city for minority yoga lovers.  

“This is me engaging with my people. Our people don’t even know the importance of yoga. It’s a way of life. I want to give people more knowledge about it and just have fun,” said McClain.  

In his classes, he likes to play artists like Erykah Badu and Jill Scott instead of meditation frequency music.  

He hopes to help people let go of baggage through his classes the same way yoga has helped him with his.  

You can book events, private lessons and one-on-one sessions by emailing 

This minority business highlight was composed by Jade Jackson at the Indianapolis Recorder, who can be reached at (317) 762-7853 or via email at   

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