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Minority Business Highlight: Nei Natural Body Care

Nei Natural Body Care LLC., sometimes referred to as ‘NNBC,’ owned by DaNeisha ‘Neisha’ Johnson, is a black-owned business based in Indianapolis that produces handmade organic skin and hair care products.

Their products are made from natural fruits and herbs and are free from harmful chemicals and soy.

A photo of Nei Natural Beauty Care founder and chief executive officer DeNeisha Johnson. (Photo provided/NNBC)

Nei Natural Body Care products include handmade soaps, hair care, men’s care, and body butter. The company takes pride in giving confidence and beauty back to those who suffer from skin-related issues such as Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne, dehydrated skin, stretch marks and others.

A photo of Nei Natural Body Care founder and CEO DaNeisha Johnson. (Photo/NNBC)

Johnson’s expertise in herbalism adds another layer to the business, allowing her to personally create products promoting healthier skin. The company’s comprehensive policies and attention to customer satisfaction have put them in a realm above and beyond their competitors.

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Some products offered by Nei’s Natural Body Care include ‘Black Sativa Foaming Body Scrub,” “Turmeric ‘Radiance Soap,” “All Skin Gel Cleanser,” “Avocado Anti-Aging Bar” and “Rockin’ Roots Leave-In Conditioner,” just to name a few.

Additionally, NNBC ships their products worldwide.

Johnson and her team also provide (and recommend) consultations to ensure each customer’s skin regimen is tailor-made. The consultations are free of charge.

“Everyone deserves to be happy and comfortable with their skin and hair,” Johnson said in a statement.

For more information on Nei Natural Body Care, visit their website at

This minority business highlight was compiled by multimedia staff writer Noral Parham III. contact him at 317-762-7846 or via email at Follow him on Twitter @3Noral. If you would like your business highlighted in the Indiana Minority Business Magazine, click here.

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