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There’s an app for that

Busy professionals turn to technology to find balance

By Glendal Jones

Professionals and business leaders often have a never-ending to-do list and not nearly enough hours in the day. Just ask flight attendant Becky Conley of Brownsburg, Indiana, who flies for Indianapolis-based regional airliner Republic Airlines. As a busy professional, she never knows when she’ll be needed to fly out of town at a moment’s notice. One of her must-haves is an app called “Crew Life,” which manages report times, flying schedules and more.

“It gives notifications and changes and has been a life saver,” Conley said. She also uses the app to view scheduled trips, track the hours she’s worked, see who’s flying with her and report times. “It makes my life so much easier, as I don’t have to manage it, especially with weather changes, which can happen frequently. It’s right in palm of my own hand.”

The app, which Conley has used for the past couple of years, has also alleviated most of the dreaded 3 a.m. phone calls she used to get in the past. An electronic flight manual on her mini iPad also makes it easier to check flight policies, announcements and more.

Even social media apps like Facebook play a part. Republic Airlines has a crew page where flight attendants can ask questions of other flight professionals, get updates from the union and even check with other flight attendants about swapping trip responsibilities.

Using social media has also helped Nicole Hoellein, owner of her family business Rudy’s Watch and Jewelry Repair, also located in Brownsburg. Hoellein, the mother of a 6-year-old active son, says you have to balance all aspects of your life. As a business owner, she agrees having a digital communications network makes all the difference, right down to making grocery lists through apps offered from retailers like Kroger and Marsh, to managing her son’s schedule, exercise classes, church and more. She said specifically, Facebook has made her life easier.

“You have to realize not everything you have going on can get accomplished, but you can manage them as best as you can and not be too hard on yourself,” she said. From using her cellphone, to accessing websites where she found a great swimming program for her son Rudy, named after the business she took over 20 years ago, it’s been easier.

“I learned about a Chapel Glen Swim youth program website from a customer, and I was able to choose the class, sign up my son and pay for it all at one time.” That saved time and money. Hoellein says she uses Facebook a lot to search for events and other activities.

After work, Hoellein says she starts her most important job of being a mom. Cooking tips come from online applications she downloads, and managing her schedule on her phone helps her get Rudy ready for the next school day.

“I can’t imagine how I did it all before,” she added, “but with social media, customers, friends and my family, it’s been a great combination of support.”

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