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Minority Business Highlight: The Season Sisters Beauty

One Indianapolis mother decided to take matters into her own hands once she realized that the beauty products on the market were causing further harm to her daughter’s skin. Enter The Season Sisters Beauty.

Founded in 2020, The Season Sisters Beauty, LLC is a skincare line with a history as rich and organic as its products. Launched by Dorthea Hurt, The Season Sisters Beauty originated as a by-product of Hurt’s daughter, Spryng, being teased about her skin by her classmates.

“They used to call me ‘crocodile skin’ and other rude names because of my eczema,” Spryng Hurt said.

Dorthea Hurt wanted to do something about Spryng’s issues, so she created a line of products safe for her daughter’s skin. Hurt’s original product was a soap made of kale, honey and other natural products containing antioxidants. Hurt quickly noticed how her original soaps reduced the scarring on her daughter’s skin.

More on The Season Sisters Beauty, LLC

The skincare brand prides itself on its chemical-free soap, body butter, moisturizers, oils and scrubs. The Season Sisters Beauty also sells stylish planters and other novelty gardening products.

The organization gets its name from Hurt’s three daughters: Spryng, Wynter and Autumn.

Spryng, now age 13, religiously attends First Fridays near the Murphy Arts Center in Fountain Square, working at the business’ vendor booth, where products sell out often.

“If you dream it to be, then it can be,” Spryng Hurt said.

For those interested in purchasing products from The Season Sisters outside of First Friday events in Fountain Square, visit their website here.

This story was composed by multi-media staff writer Noral Parham III who can be reached at 317-762-7846 or via email at Follow him on Twitter @NoralParham.

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