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Minority Business Highlight: ThePolishedLady 

A lot of people around Indianapolis know Kelah McKee by her big personality. She brightens a room more than the yellow she adorns as a part of her brand, ThePolishedLady.  

Her media company is all about showcasing African Americans in a positive light. She offers hosting and influencer services and utilizes her online platforms to promote clients and events.  

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“The word polished itself was established because I’m the first lady in my business and I’m always trying to establish the brands and businesses that I work with. I took the vow that I will always bring positive brand awareness to Black stories,” said McKee.  

With a following on different social media platforms that garner a lot of engagement, her journey of creating her own media brand started by proving to herself that she could manifest this dream. 

She began working as a promotion’s assistant at Radio One in 2015 and continued working with the company for five years until being furloughed during the pandemic.  

She remembers wanting to moderate WTLC’s 50th anniversary Women’s Panel in 2018. 

Since she had been with the company for so long, she felt she was capable of handling the mic and commanding a room.  

She asked the person in charge at the time for this opportunity.  

“His exact words were, ‘Why would we choose you over our international recording artist?’ At the time, that was Moni Love. He said, ‘Who follows you, and who will show up for you?’” said McKee.  

“So, I was like, I’ll show you who follows me. I’m from Indy; born and raised. I know the community in and out. I’m an alumnus of CLD (Center for Leadership Development); I was part of Delta Gems; Harvest Girls International; just a lot of community poured into me.”  

ThePolishedLady is her way of pouring back into this community.  

Launched in 2021, she built her brand from the ground up, making a name for herself in media, business and entertainment spaces around the city.  

Always wearing yellow, she chose that color for her brand since it represents inspiration and happiness.  

That is exactly what she brings to ThePolishedLady.  

“People tell me that I’m naturally a people’s person. Like, this isn’t a mask that I put on and then take off. This is who I am,” said McKee.  

“I am a product of what it looks like to pour into a person and give them resources, take them places where they normally wouldn’t be exposed to.” 

She hopes to continue to grow her brand and reach new heights across the city and is taking the necessary steps to learn from people even across the country. 

“My motto is to always stay polished. Pivoting has been pivotal for me because if I didn’t have the faith to invest in myself, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” said McKee. 

This minority business highlight was composed by Jade Jackson at the Indianapolis Recorder, who can be reached at (317) 762-7853 or via email at   

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