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Minority Business Highlight: ANTHOS

The Indianapolis-based fine arts florists at Anthos have a simple motto: Cultivate community. Curate aesthetic.

Created in the summer of 2022, co-founders Jessica Kartawich and Daniela Morales knew they wanted a creative outlet.

“We always wanted to do florals and be creative together … One day we just decided (to create Anthos),” Morales said.

Kartawich and Morales’ inspiration for creating Anthos stems from their desire to keep working together creatively. They knew that whatever they decided to do, it would be together.

Described as being in a growing stage by Morales, the main goal of Anthos is to create a sense of community.

“There are so many values behind what we do,” Morales said.

Anthos achieves the goal of creativity through elaborate and colorful florals. Currently operating through events such as weddings, client-based bookings and festivals around the city, their selection of florals is based on the season. They range from the fan favorite poppies to lush peonies filling their stand at the Indiana Peony Festival.

“We are branching into events as far as what services we offer, but we also do custom high-end arrangements for people outside of those things,” Kartawich said.

While their creations have laid the foundation for the building of community, Kartawich and Morales said that the floral business can be particularly challenging.

Working with fresh flowers can put a time crunch on their finished products. Ensuring that every vision is captured is their goal.

“We want to make sure that every vision is met, and every person’s day is celebrated in a beautiful way,” Morales said.

While their business may still be growing, Kartawich and Morales maintain that they don’t believe in competition. Anthos is intended to pave the way for other minority businesses and be a collaborative effort for everyone, even those in the same industry.

colorful floral arrangements line a wooden table
An example of Anthos’ work. (Photo provided/Jessica Kartawich)

For more information about Anthos, visit @AnthosIndy on Instagram to learn more.

Contact Staff Writer Hanna Rauworth at 317-762-7854 or follow her on Instagram at @hanna.rauworth.

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