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Minority Business Highlight: Khalani’s Kitchen

Since the age of 14, Khalani Armstrong has been an entrepreneur. She found love in helping her mother craft mouthwatering cuisines for those in her neighborhood. Now in her adult life, Armstrong takes her culinary prowess to new heights with the opening of her own establishment, aptly titled Khalani’s Kitchen.

Armstrong, who is currently studying hospitality at Purdue University, believes there is no better time to open an eatery of her own than now.

“Why not start now?” Armstrong said. “I have been doing it for a while, so it just made sense.”

Armstrong officially opened earlier this week.

Specializing in comfort and soul food, Khalani’s Kitchen provides succulent, deliciously seasoned dishes like chicken and pasta and tasty sides like French fries, yams and macaroni and cheese.

A photo of some of the food provided by Khalani’s Kitchen. (Photo/Khalani Armstrong via Yelp)

The spicy garlic parmesan chicken wings are a fan favorite among the Indianapolis community. The desserts and beverages are also being received well by many, including the iced cinnamon bread eggrolls and refreshing blue raspberry lemonade.

Khalani’s Kitchen is located at 8329 N. Michigan Road. If the address looks familiar, then that is because Khalani’s Kitchen utilizes space at The Cooking Station, a shared commercial kitchen. Those interested in ordering food can do so via telephone at 317-749-3172. They can also check out the official website.

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