Thursday, August 18, 2022

Do what you love

By Shannon Williams

One of the most fulfilling things to have is a career or an enterprise that you love. We know that we have chosen the right job or selected the right type of business to open when we actually enjoy the work that we do. It doesn’t seem like work!

According to a recent Gallup poll, Americans who are employed full time work an average of 47 hours a week, which equates to six days a week. With so much time invested in employment and entrepreneurship, doing what we love is obviously important to our overall wellness.

Most of us can agree with what Langston Hughes once wrote, “Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.” Fortunately, however, I can say that I have been blessed to do what I love for a living. Being a journalist and directing impactful publications has been a greater honor than I ever imagined. Not only has this career provided an opportunity to equip many people with news and helpful information, but it has also enhanced my growth as an individual.

In this issue of IMBM, we highlight several people and media companies who share my joy and passion for transforming communities through journalism. We present minorities and women in Indiana who have set the tone for excellence in media, from living legend Dorothy Leavell, chair of the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) and editor/publisher of the Gary Crusader newspaper, to Deon Levingston, general manager of Radio One Indianapolis.

From El Puente newspaper in Goshen to WRTV-Channel 6 in Central Indiana, we also celebrate the print, radio and television enterprises that have offered minorities in media an engaging vehicle to share our gifts and talents. As a bonus, we share a rare inside view of Indiana’s growing film industry. We hope you have as much fun reading about that as we did covering it.

When someone enters any area of the media, weather it is print journalism, television reporting, radio broadcasting or blogs and social media, the decision is usually based on a calling. This is not the type of career field people choose to be wealthy or to have an easy day. It is not for those who are driven primarily by self-ambition.

However, a career in media is perfect for those who are called to serve causes that are greater than their own interests. People who are motivated to make a positive difference in their community by making sure their readers, listeners and viewers have the information they need to solve problems and reach their highest potential.

Each of the media and film professionals profiled in this issue of IMBM demonstrate that they are committed to those goals. They are doing what they love, and it shows. Also, they understand that the work that we do is ultimately not about us, it is about telling life’s stories with captivating accuracy. It is about getting to the essence of the people that we interview. It is about serving as a strong and balanced voice for justice and truth.

We absolutely believe the famous statement by author Edward Bulwer-Lytton that “the pen is mightier than the sword” when it comes to ushering in positive changes and progress.

Although the number of minorities in the media profession is steadily growing, there is still plenty of room for diversity and growth in this field. We hope that this issue will encourage those who seek an exciting and rewarding career to join our ranks. At the very least, we hope that it will inspire you to reach higher and to have an even greater impact through your own calling.

What is essential is living a life where we are doing what we love and what motivates us.

We are thankful for having Indiana Minority Business Magazine as part of the Recorder Media Group family for over a decade. Happy New Year to everyone who has supported this publication and we look forward to a year of maximized opportunities for us all.

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