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What I love about Indiana

Compiled by Kelly Patrick Slone


What’s not to love? We asked some leaders and entrepreneurs from across the state to tell Indiana Minority Business Magazine, “What do you love about Indiana?” Following are some of their responses.


“What I love about Indiana are the vast opportunities for growth for all businesses and Palermo-Galindoentrepreneurs, in which excellence and resilience are exemplified by collectively prevailing over any given challenge.”

— Palermo Galinda, president of the Fort Wayne Hispanic Chamber of Commerce







Seelpa-KeshvalaI moved to Indiana from New Jersey three years ago, and my experience has been absolutely wonderful! What I love most is the people — Indiana has some of the most warm and welcoming people I have ever met!”

— Seelpa Keshvala, campus president of Ivy Tech Warsaw





“I love the diversity represented among those of us who are African-Americans. We can Karen-Freeman-Wilsonboast people from one of the country’s first African-American millionaires, Madam CJ Walker, to individuals like my grandfather, Limmie Patterson, who migrated to Gary from the south to create a better life for his family. We have thrived in urban areas like Fort Wayne and rural areas like French Lick. We have been a part of Indiana’s fabric since the inception of the state.”

— Karen Freeman-Wilson, mayor of Gary, Indiana




Terrie-Daniel“The people in Indiana are hands down the best-kept secret and totally my favorite thing about living and working in Indiana! I am a transplant from Michigan and was only supposed to be based in Indianapolis for three months, but I fell in love with this place and have been ever since. I have been afforded the opportunity to travel across our state and have met so many amazing Hoosiers who reconfirm for me every day that this is exactly where I’m meant to be!”

— Terrie Daniel, deputy commissioner Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises


“Having moved to Indiana 10 years ago for work, I’m always impressed by the talent and Nicole-Wilkinscaliber of companies we have in our state. This is a place where you can get involved, make a difference and really contribute to the local business community.”

— Nicole Wilkins, president and owner, 260media in Roanoke






Antonio-Alexander“I love working and living in Indiana, because the people are easy going and down to earth.”

Antonio Alexander, Concrete Creations in Plymouth







“I love living in Indiana because I was born and raised in Indiana; it is home. I love Dalia-Spanosworking in Indiana because it has provided me with many job opportunities in my line of work and helped my company grow.”

— Dalia Spanos, N.I. Spanos Painting Inc. in Merrillville




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