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Black Hoosiers and the innovation economy


Indiana’s innovation economy holds tremendous potential for wealth creation, and it is time to unlock the invisible talent of underrepresented groups, especially Blacks and Latinos, to drive inclusive competitiveness. By embracing the untapped potential of these communities, Indiana can lead the nation in building a more equitable and prosperous future for all.

The InnoPower Minority Business Week (IMBW) and Rally partnership is not just an event; it’s a collaborative movement. It’s a beacon of hope, igniting the Indiana innovation ecosystem and paving the way for greater participation and wealth creation among Black Indiana residents. This groundbreaking conference creates an ecosystem that nurtures talent, fosters collaboration, and opens doors to opportunities previously out of reach.

Imagine the transformative impact on Indiana’s economy and communities if we could bridge the wealth gap between white households and Black and Latino households. By connecting underrepresented groups’ entrepreneurial spirit and creativity to the thriving innovation economy, we can unleash a wave of prosperity that will uplift families, neighborhoods, and the entire state.

The conference serves as a rallying cry for inclusive competitiveness, bringing together diverse communities, professionals, students and entrepreneurs to celebrate their unique strengths and aspirations. IMBW and Rally create a platform for invisible talent to shine and contribute to Indiana’s economic growth by breaking down barriers and fostering collaboration.

As we embrace this opportunity to build a more inclusive innovation economy, we are not only investing in the success of underrepresented groups but also strengthening Indiana’s position as a leader in innovation and economic competitiveness. Together, we can create a future where every Hoosier, regardless of background, can participate, thrive and build wealth in the innovation economy.

Let us seize this moment to unlock the full potential of Indiana’s invisible talent and build a brighter, more prosperous future for all. The InnoPower Minority Business Week and Rally partnership is just the beginning of a transformative journey toward inclusive competitiveness and shared success.

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Opportunity: When they say entrepreneurialism for all, what they mean is people need to be able to pursue an idea, make their own money, be in control and be paid fairly. But do they really mean for all? The InnoPower Conference creates opportunities for Indiana’s minority business community. WATCH

Entrepreneurship: At the 2019 InnoPower Indy conference, entrepreneurs were given the right steps to success. WATCH

Social capital: InnoPower brings together people who are passionate about innovation and collaborating to help their businesses and communities succeed. WATCH

Access to capital: In 2023, 2.4% of venture capital dollars went to companies with all female founders. On average, female founders receive about a quarter of the funding they request, while male founders receive about half. WATCH

Talent: STEM education is the feedstock to the innovation economy and must be owned and cultivated within MVP communities as a pathway out of poverty. WATCH

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