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Minority Business Highlight: Black Business Boom 

Black Business Boom is a premier destination for Black entrepreneurs seeking to thrive in today’s business landscape. Founded in 2018, Black Business Boom is a community-based organization that provides access to essential resources and support for Black entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey. 

The founder and CEO of Black Business Boom, Danielle McGee, alongside Tee Wilson, the company’s creative director and CMO, forged significant partnerships to launch a training initiative. The program equips entrepreneurs with the necessary strategies and services to not only survive but prosper in today’s digital economy. The rest, as the saying goes, was history. 

Black Business Boom; Danielle McGee; Tee Wilson
Danielle McGee (Left) and Tee Wilson (Right), the founders of Black Business Boom. (Photo/Black Business)

The mission of ‘Boom’ is to cultivate a vibrant ecosystem that empowers Black entrepreneurs to succeed. The organization offers a comprehensive range of programs and services, including the Boomin’ Loan Fund, a microloan program that provides accessible financing to Black business owners. Black Business Boom also has the Boomin’ Network: a directory of Black-owned businesses, as well as a platform for Black entrepreneurs to connect and collaborate. 

‘Boom’ is committed to creating a more equitable economy where Black entrepreneurs can thrive. The organization’s work is essential to addressing the racial wealth gap and building a more prosperous future for all. 

Boom is a vital resource for Black entrepreneurs. Many businesses, including the Indianapolis Recorder and Indiana Minority Business Magazine, participated in the business owner cohort sponsored by ‘Boom.’ For more information, click here to visit their website.

This minority business highlight was composed by multi-media staff writer Noral Parham III at the Indianapolis Recorder, who can be reached at 317-762-7846 or via email at noralp@indyrecorder. If you would like your business highlighted in the Indianapolis Minority Business Magazine, click here

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