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International Marketplace provides support for entrepreneurs


Immigrants don’t have to go it alone with it comes to starting and building a business. A few resources are available in Indiana for entrepreneurial-minded foreign-born residents. One such organization in Indianapolis known as the International Marketplace Coalition (IMC) helps small business owners build infrastructure and capacity through various economic-development projects.

The IMC, formerly known as the Lafayette Square Area Coalition, is a local business organization working to re-brand the Lafayette Square Area (LSA) into Indy’s International Marketplace (IM). Mary Clark has served as executive director of the IMC. She has worked hard to develop relationships and partnerships with state and local elected officials, ethic community leaders, and residents to help formulate the vision of the IM. According to their website, in 2014 IM was responsible for assisting with the completion of 3 new gateway structures, bus shelters and signage.

The intent of the facade program is to jumpstart retail and commercial development by supporting quality improvements to storefronts and commercial facilities in urban neighborhoods throughout Indianapolis.

The following information outlines the details of the program:

Eligible applicants: Any building owner or tenant of a building located in the International Marketplace Area (see attached map) is eligible to apply. All applications from building tenants require the signature and approval of the building owner.

Eligible projects: Any improvement to primary front-facing commercial facades is eligible, such as attached signage and building entrances, including but not limited to: doors, windows, signage, awnings, brick, stone, wood, or other building surface material.

International Market Place initiatives will allow for the scope of facade improvements to include other improvements to create a more attractive business environment, including the removal of asphalt paving to create more greenspace, landscaping, accessibility improvements to sidewalks, pole signage or other related activities that create an attractive business retail environment. Improvements to interior public spaces in businesses that serve the general public are also eligible.

Applications are accepted at any time. Applications received after September will be considered for the subsequent calendar year. Award announcements will be communicated within 60 days of submission of a fully submitted application.


For more information and to obtain an application, visit Questions can be directed to or (317) 454-8488.

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