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Minority Business Highlight: Stepping Stones Behavioral Solutions 

The CDC estimates that one in 36 children in the US have autism, a statistic that is on the rise. As more children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, applied behavior analysis therapy has become more abundant. For Veronica Napier, CEO and founder of Stepping Stones Behavioral Solutions, the therapy provided at her company is tailored to fit the needs of every client. 

Specializing in play-based therapy, the eight Indiana clinics seek to provide high-quality care to lower-income families. Stepping Stones was founded in 2016 and provides private education, 1:1 direct ABA therapy, early intervention services, waiver services and parent training opportunities.  

Stepping Stones recently expanded their clinics to Mississippi, but Napier hopes the future extends beyond geographics. The goal is to service clients in areas where ABA therapy facilities are not available.  

While the company has continued to grow since its beginnings, there have been challenges along the way, according to Napier.  

“We recently went through rate decreases, and we had to reduce the number of breaks and tuition reimbursement incentives (for employees),” Napier said. “Although that was a challenge, we have been able to offer other benefits such as unpaid time off, sick time and a leveling system that offers monetary bonusses and higher accrual for time off for all.” 

Employee satisfaction is high on Napier’s priority list as she continues to expand Stepping Stones. In addition to providing more access to underserved areas, Napier also plans to increase the number of clinicians servicing each clinic.  

While challenges remain, Napier maintains a strong set of values as she continues to learn in her role. For those looking to start a business, Napier suggests seeking out a mentor, staying studious, being willing to change and learn and always listening. 

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