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Minority Business Highlight: Smerbo 

Grant Simms created Smerbo to spend more time with his grandmother, allowing him to grow a hand-sewn clothing brand from family time.  

“I really think just watching my Grand C and hearing all the stories about her making clothes …then after my grandfather died, it was having the time to sit down with her one-on-one and have her teach me,” Simms said. 

“Smerbo” is a nickname given to him by friends, and he used it as his brand name to signify the connection between his clothing and himself.  

“The fact that I’m making a lot of the clothes myself and putting my own spin on every piece, it’s kind of like my signature at the end … just like when you go to an art museum, you’ll see a signature on the front or back of the paintings, so I just felt like using my nickname is my signature for pieces I was making by hand,” Simms said.  

He started by learning how to make women’s shirts and sold his first pieces with a release of multiple 1/1 lace hoodies. 

His creative direction stems from his love of dressing and clothes while also thinking about what people may want to wear. 

The marketing behind Smerbo is based on his focus on creating quality products so when someone goes out in one of his pieces, they speak for themselves and drive people to buy.  

Now, he says his brand is starting to grow in Indianapolis, but he wants to continue to be a student of fashion and design and eventually make Smerbo a household name around the world.  
To see his work and buy a piece, go to

This minority business highlight was composed by Garrett Simms at the Indianapolis Recorder, who can be reached at [317-762-7847] or via email at If you would like your business highlighted in the Indianapolis Minority Business Magazine, click here

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