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Minority Highlights: Edit Me Lo Graphic Design Agency

Lauren Dickerson is the CEO and founder of Edit Me Lo Graphic Design Agency.

She officially launched in 2020 but has been creating graphic designs for the last nine years.

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The 25-year-old said the name comes from her friends who would say, “edit me” in reference to Dickerson editing photos of them into graphic designs; Lo is short for Lauren and was her college basketball nickname.

“My mom needed an invitation made. I was the one told to make it. I’ve always had an eye for it. In college, I actually thought I wanted to be an engineer, which didn’t work out with my basketball schedule being a student athlete,” said Dickerson.

“I walked into this art building, and I was so amazed at how it looked, and I said this was going to be my major. So, it’s something that I’ve always had a niche for, and I just fell into it.”

Edit Me Lo

She said this is the first year that her company has taken off with clients trusting her skills for their projects.

“We design to tell the story of a business. I believe that you should be able to look at something and feel something,” said Dickerson.

Her goal is for people to recognize her company as a big design agency.
She also wants to give college students the chance to work for her agency to obtain graphic design experience.

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