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Minority Business Highlight: Olivia West  

Olivia West is an in-game MC for the NBA and WNBA and will take center court as the host for the rising star game and G league contests happening for All Star Weekend.

Born and raised a proud Hoosier, the Purdue University graduate wears many hats as a professional host and speaker.  

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She served as a host for the Indiana Fever basketball team through the 2023 season and now hosts for the Pacers.  

“I have always loved basketball. I remember starting off at my local YMCA, and I’ve always loved the game. When I moved to Indianapolis and knew the Indiana Fevers were here, I said, ‘I got to tap in,’ and so I started going to the games,” said West.  

Minority Business Highlight: Olivia West  

“I just started going to a lot of games. One day I was sitting in the stands and there was a guest MC at the games. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh! This is such a cool role,’ like a cool job. I was friends with him, and so I connected with him.” 

She said it is surreal to think that she is playing a role in All-Star Weekend.  

West started The Speaking Company, teaching public speaking classes in Indianapolis to help motivate, educate and equip people with the tools to communicate with purpose. 

She wants her legacy to continue to uplift people through her interactions with anything basketball, business and community related.  

“I have this gift that I just want to help tell people stories and really help cheer other people on. So, the fact that I’m about to do that on the court and with our fans is an absolute privilege, and you’re going to see me doing that throughout our community and beyond,” said West.  

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