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Minority Business Highlight: Blended Images Photography blends photos and stories

For Rhonda Greene, photography isn’t about capturing the physical. With her one-woman business Blended Images Photography, she aims to capture the essence in her photos, too.  

Her primary goal remains the same — to photograph intimate moments and capture raw reactions with her lens. 

Greene’s grandfather, James Burres, was a photographer at the Indianapolis Recorder. Her childhood trips to and from the dark room to see the final project are what inspired her to pick up the camera. 

After the birth of her daughter, the Indianapolis local took this love for photos and started Blended Images Photography.  

Now, with a specialty in street portraiture, Greene aims to capture authentic stories and emotions. Her creative process, which involves conversing with her client first, allows for vulnerability — something she shows with primarily black and white images to showcase her subject’s texture.  

Greene referenced a discussion where her client, a young woman, was talking about her mastectomy journey when a tear fell, a tender moment she was able to capture for the woman to treasure as a testament to how far she had come.  

“It was real. It was raw, and that’s what I want,” Greene said. “I want their story to come through.” 

Her achievements include exhibitions with the 1000-word art gallery, one of which was shown at the Eiteljorg Musuem’s Juneteenth Celebration. She’s also shot photos for 100 Black Men and Kappa Conclave.  

Setting her business apart, Greene said, is the emphasis on telling the stories of ordinary people and their conversations, something she prioritizes even as she photographs events with keynote speakers.   

“I like to capture the audience,” Greene said. “These are the people that are possibly making choices and decisions … I want to get how they feel, what their reactions are.” 

Greene has also worked with Philippine Cultural Community Center and Mapleton Fall Creek at various schools, in addition to doing shoots for private clients.  

This month, Blended Images Photography will be displayed in an exhibit at the Fourth Annual Black Photography Exhibit at the Indianapolis Public Library, which can be viewed until August 3.  

To book, view or purchase her work, visit, @blended_images on Instagram, Rhonda Greene on Facebook or email her at  

This minority business highlight was composed by KAYLA BARLOW at the Indianapolis Recorder, who can be reached at If you would like your business highlighted in the Indianapolis Minority Business Magazine, click here!

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