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Minority Business Highlight: Autograph Homes

Owned and operated by Edwin Philogene since September of 2020, Autograph Homes is a Black-owned, Indy-based home décor business specializing in rehabilitation and remodeling homes.

Autograph Homes takes one’s vision for their dream home and makes it a reality, first by creating a digital layout so clients can see their dreams “take shape.”

In addition to rehabilitating older homes, Autograph Homes works to update investment properties and homes about to go on the market.

Services include painting, flooring, doors and carpentry, including leveling floors before installation, kitchen and bath remodeling, cabinetry, custom tiling and more.

For clients who want to get started, but are unsure how, Autograph Homes offers consultation services to consult, plan and scope out the best designs and help clients lower risk and turn a profit.

For more information about Autograph Homes’ services, to book a consultation or to view designs, visit To get in contact, call 317-640-9422.

This minority business highlight was composed by CHLOE McGOWAN at the Indianapolis Recorder, who can be reached at 317-762-7848 or via email at If you would like your business highlighted in the Indianapolis Minority Business Magazine, click here!

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