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Minority Business Highlight: Saving Our Children’s Lives, Stop Gun and Domestic Violence Inc. 

Regina Jones is the creator and CEO of Saving Our Children’s Lives, Stop Gun and Domestic Violence Inc., a company she started over 17 years ago. Jones’ organization started because she wanted to provide any and everything women dealing with domestic violence need to get themselves to safety and stay there. 

Jones said she noticed there were no organizations in Indianapolis that were fighting for women dealing with this abuse, and because of her own experiences, she knew she had to be a voice and place of solace for these women. 

Whenever a woman dealing with domestic violence comes to her, she provides mental and physical care to them and their families. If the women are living with their abusers, she puts up money for them to stay elsewhere. If the women just need an ear to speak to and a shoulder to cry on, she provides that, and she continues to work with the women no matter what. Jones said the ongoing process of helping these women leave for good is often difficult, but she knows her work is essential.  

Her company is 501 C3 certified, which allows it to act as an official nonprofit and receive donations to support women who are victims of domestic violence. Jones also hosts events where she has speakers talk about their experiences and provide hope and guidance. At the events, she also sells goods, and the proceeds from her sales go directly to the nonprofit. 

“My goal is to get a shelter for these women and children. I want to be able to give them resources for jobs and to go back to school. After they do all that, I want to have an event, a graduation, where they can walk, and I want somebody to do their hair and makeup and let them feel pretty again,” Jones said, “I just want to know that my work is not in vain. That’s all I want.” 

To donate or contact Jones about getting involved, email her She is also hosting a domestic violence event on Saturday, April 27.  

This minority business highlight was composed by Garrett Simms at the Indianapolis Recorder, who can be reached at 317-762-7847 or via email at If you would like your business highlighted in the Indianapolis Minority Business Magazine, click here!” 

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