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Hoosier made

By Jaylon Jones

Henry Bohman began beekeeping as a way to replace sugar, which was rationed during World War II. In the mid-1980s, Bohman’s bees died, and the Bohmans quit the beekeeping business for 25 years until Henry’s son Joe started the business again. Joe started with six hives and as the number of hives grew, more family members joined the business. Today, Bohman Bee Co., Hanover, has more than 200 hives throughout southern Indiana.

Bohman produces raw honey as well as specialty honey such as bourbon barrel-aged honey and blackberry honey.

Established in 1980 by Renee Gabet and her daughters, Annie Oakley Natural Perfumery develops fragrances, skin care and bath and body products for men and women. The women created and blended fragrances and essential oils by hand in their kitchen. Based in Ligonier, Annie Oakley is created and packaged in the United States.

In addition to their scented products, Annie Oakley offers aroma necklaces that diffuse essential oil or custom blended fragrances on a felt pad. 

Annie Oakley also offers tours. The Sensory Tour allows guests to tour the facility and create a custom essential oil body spray, organic body oil and spa products and sample new fragrances.  

Sacs and Co. started in 2006 after sisters Lauri and Marta began making candles, soap, bath tea and tub tingles for Christmas gifts. They expanded the idea into a business that focused on natural products. Sacs and Co. became certified advanced soap makers in 2011 and were selected as an Indiana Artisan soap and candle maker in 2008. In addition to a variety of soap for all skin types, Sacs and Co., Winona Lake, also makes handcrafted soap with scents for men. 

It all began when as a teen Brooke Schmidt made mints for her sister’s wedding shower. In 2004, as an adult, Schmidt began selling almond toffee, caramels, pecan turtles, mints and other candies. In 2007, Schmidt opened Brooke’s Candy Co. inside her childhood home. The business shared the home with her parents until 2014 when it moved into a larger building in 2014. Schmidt’s sister, Dana Vicars, joined the company, and the two started Brooke’s Naturals, which manufactures all-natural, gluten and rice free products for wholesale distribution. As the wholesale business continued to grow, Schmidt and Vicars closed a retail store in Terre Haute, to focus on the wholesale market. Their products are available in stores such as Target, Kroger and Giant Eagle Market District.

After a meal of moo goo gai pan, founder Mike Fry ate a fortune cookie at a Chinese restaurant in Fort Wayne. As he ate, he contemplated a way to change fortune cookies from bland and boring to fun, flavorful and colorful. Fry spent many years perfecting his recipe and baking the cookies. He was the first-non Asian to make fortune cookies, and he invented a fortune cookie machine. Fry died in 2012, however, his wife, Erin, continued the business. Fancy Fortune Cookies, Indianapolis, offers cookies in a variety of flavors and colors. Cookies can be customized and ordered for specific holidays. Fancy Fortune Cookies also offers giant fortune cookies.  I

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