Friday, March 1, 2024

Minority Business Highlight: Get Better Academy Basketball Training

While going into his senior year of college, Nathan Meriwether and his team started Get Better Academy (GBA), a basketball training organization, to address some of the missing elements of training he saw as a college basketball player. 

“We started GBA because of the mindset of always getting better at something in your life, from a physical level, a mental level and, most importantly, from a spiritual level.”

Now, three years later, at 24 years old he has built GBA with his mentor and partner, PJ Boutte (PJ TRAINING), and has worked with over a hundred players, from 5 years old to overseas pros. 

“It never was a solo effort. I wouldn’t be here without the collective unit that helped me start in the beginning.”

Meriwether’s training style combines building a personal relationship with players while still keeping his basketball skills sharp daily to back up the advice he gives his players. He talks to his players’ parents, connects basketball to real-life lessons and uses his youth and basketball talent to relate to them.

“I focus on the skills and essentials of life before basketball. Once I focus on that, then I tie it into basketball, not the other way around,” Meriwether said.

Meriwether and his team built GBA on word of mouth. What started with one client grew because, as Nate put it, “You don’t need to sell a good product.” When people see the players he trains get better, it makes more people want to see how Meriwether is doing it.

He also credits his lack of social media use to keeping everything he is doing strictly about the players he trains and not putting himself in a box. While he is a successful basketball trainer, he is also a successful businessman.

If you want to see GBAs work or get training yourself, follow @gbaindy on Instagram. 

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