Sunday, December 3, 2023


By Victoria T. Davis

Ever admire an individual from afar who’s draped in colorful fabrics embedded with vibrant colors and wonder, “why can’t I wear that?”

You aren’t alone. While playing it safe with neutral colors and pieces that traditionally work well together, it’s time to be bold and try something new. Want to pair blue, yellow and red together? Go right ahead!


In this edition of Work Style, you’ll meet immigrant business owners and their supply partners who embrace ethnic styles in all aspects. Hopefully they will inspire you to infuse your fashion with new culture.


untitled-7 copy


Sheer shirts in all colors are perfect for the warmer months as they add a bit of sophistication to your look while keeping you cool. Match your favorite with a patterned knee-length skirt for a trendy look.

Leslie Caldwell (Supplier, Love’s Hangover)



The newest trendy spring and summer look for women are tribal-printed long maxi skirts.

Pair your patterned skirt with a solid colored top for a complete look. untitled-6 copy

Emily Wasonga (Owner, Love’s Hangover)


untitled-11 copy



Nothing says classic like black and white but you can make this traditional look non-traditional by adding a colorful cuff and earrings.






untitled-42 copy


When it comes to men’s professional wear, Ben Diallo has the magic touch. It’s all about the color and detail. Go for bright pants and pair them with a pop of color in your bowtie.

Ben Diallo (Owner, Benzal Designs)




untitled-29 copy

Clean and cut is always appropriate.

If you’re worried about standing out too much, a solid bow tie and jacket are the safe route to go.

untitled-28 copy

Shoes are just as much part of the outfit as the clothing.

Be sure they compliment your entire outfit, including ties and cufflinks.






Acknowledgements: Benzal Designs, JusFam Photography and Love’s Hangover

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