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How to build a capsule wardrobe

Is your closet a dark abyss where things go to hang and never be found again? Have you lost count of the number of things you own that still have tags on them? Do you frequently find yourself shuffling through tons garments that you hate only to grab the two or three things you wear all the time? If you have answered yes to any (or all) of these questions, it may be time for a wardrobe overhaul.

Though methods and definitions may vary, a capsule wardrobe is essentially a small collection of clothing in which each item is deliberately chosen based on whether or not it complements the other items as well as its ability to be worn multiple ways.

Following the trend of minimalist living, lots of professionals who are looking to declutter their lives have looked to capsule wardrobes as a great place to start.

In a post on her site, bemorewithless.com, Courtney Carver, creator of Project 333, shared that her closet “make-under” experience was life-changing. “Even though I usually ended up wearing the same things over and over again, I still had to face my bad purchase decisions, the clothing that didn’t fit, and the guilt of overspending every time I opened my closet” she wrote. “I thought the solution was “more” so I kept shopping and adding to the chaos. I didn’t realize the negative impact my clothes had on me until I got rid of most of them and discovered that the solution was less.”

Beginning your own capsule journey can be a breeze by following these steps:


Go online to DIY sites like Pinterest to get inspiration on where to start when building your new and improved wardrobe. Print off or keep a file of your findings for future reference. There are several lists available that detail wardrobe staples that each closet should have. Pick and choose what you feel works best for you, your profession and lifestyle when constructing a list of your own must-haves.


Go through your closet and take out every single article of clothing. This may take a while but experts on the matter suggest trying on everything to see if it fits and taking into consideration the last time you wore it and what its level of functionality is when compared to other articles of clothing. If you can’t fit it, haven’t worn it in months and it doesn’t match with anything else, it may be time to pitch it. Create piles of things you plan to keep, throw away or donate. Remember, consider your list of must-haves and only keep things that you truly love and feel good in!


Much like the purging process, you should edit and try to keep your number of belongings within a certain amount. Carver’s Project 333, for example, suggests that adherents only keep 33 items of apparel total. For you, that number may be a bit higher or even lower than that. Whatever route you choose, be sure to stick with the plan. Carver also notes that this can be done seasonally while storing things that are out of season in boxes or other place besides your closet. 

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