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To the ordinary woman doing extraordinary things: Nikki Blaine Couture 


What started off as a seed planted at a young age, has now turned into a creative platform catering to women of distinction and purpose through its creation of head-turning custom clothing for women of all ages. 

Nikki Blaine, owner of Nikki Blaine Couture, manifested that she would either be a lawyer or fashion designer at the age of nine. The latter was achieved through her creation of Nikki Blaine Couture. 

Blaine’s artistic process for her couture pieces is inspired by fabrics. After examining fabric options, her muse is sparked and drives her to cultivate a theme, color scheme and location to showcase the couture collections she puts together. 

When showcasing her gift, Blaine prefers print over runway modeling.  

“With print, it’s everlasting. It could be 2085 and that print would still be present,” said Blaine. “Whereas a runway show, you might spend two years on a collection, and it’s gone in 12 minutes.” 

However, when it comes to her own private shows, Blaine said she incorporates both print and runway to have the best of both worlds. 

Along with her passion for fashion, Blaine holds education near to her heart. During the pandemic, she opened the Nikki Blaine Learning Center to give students the environment to complete their e-learning while their parents were working.  

Blaine hopes protentional clientele will visit her website here to see what her brand, which combines her passion for fashion, education and youth, has in store. 

Nikki Blaine Couture is located at 99 N. 1st Street in Zionsville, Indiana. In-store hours are 12-7 p.m. You can view her latest pieces here.   

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