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Kiss of silk


Kiss of Silk, originally known as “Kall Me Beautiful,” is the embodiment of Kristen Johnson’s journey from struggling with skin issues to creating a plant-based skincare business that promotes healing and confidence. Her inspiration came from personal experiences battling acne and persistent scars that traditional remedies couldn’t seem to heal. So, at 17 years old, this motivated her to explore and experiment with simple yet effective ingredients available in her household, such as shea butter, olive oil and sugar. Her research and experimentation led to the creation of her first scrub and facial butter, which showcased remarkable results on her skin. This transformative experience ignited her desire to share the healing potential of plant-based skincare with others, and ultimately, was the catalyst to her business ownership journey.

Kristen’s dedication to her business is akin to an artist’s passion. She views the formulations and raw ingredients as her paintbrush, the crafting and infusing process as the canvas, and the final products as the embodiment of healing properties that boost confidence. Her journey has been marked by continuous learning, resilience, humility and openness to constructive criticism.

“When starting off my business, back before it was Kiss of Silk, I remember one woman telling me when talking about my products to not say and stuff when explaining the benefits,” Johnson recalled. “I’ve always taken what she said with me, and that one thing she said has played a part in how I explain and present my products.”

“As a young entrepreneur, I recognize that at times it’s very good to either have or be our own constructive critic, and I’m often my own biggest critic—always evaluating my presentations, my products and how I push myself out of my introvert shell to really build my business,” Johnson shared. “I repeatedly tell myself that the only way for my business and myself to grow is to get out there and push myself. That strategy is exactly how I’ve been able to continuously reflect, evolve and improve Kiss of Silk.”

Since she was a student at North Central High School, Kristen’s walked a path similar to other business owners—one that requires a delicate balance between entrepreneurship and corporate America.

“While I was building Kiss of Silk, I continued to be inspired by my genuine love for my products, but the reality is that many entrepreneurs, especially Black entrepreneurs, simply don’t have access to the resources we need to throw caution to the wind and dive into entrepreneurship.” This transition was slow, but with Kristen’s work ethic, it was steady. In 2023, she was finally able to assume business ownership full-time, at 24 years old.

Kiss of Silk has endured an amazing amount of growth and evolution over the last five years, marked by tremendous expansion. “Many times over the years, I’ve been discouraged, but I’ve held tightly onto what my products have already produced. While I’m delighted at the growth, what makes me most proud if knowing that Kiss of Silk is helping to heal the skin of my customers and restore confidence one person at a time.”

And while Kiss of Silk is celebrating five years of business, Johnson’s excited at the realization that her business is just getting started. “I’m pushing Kiss of Silk to expand outside of Indiana into different markets because that will bring an evolution of new products—men’s care, lip gloss, tooth care—Kiss of Silk still has so many products to begin to produce.”

Word of mouth is critical as Kiss of Silk continues to establish itself in and beyond Indiana. Learn more about Kiss of Silk, purchase products and leave reviews on their website

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