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Brunch is better at night: The Midnight Breakfast Club


Tired of the typical club or bar scene? Want to elevate nightlife? Look no further, Midnight Breakfast Club has you covered. Catered but not limited to young adults who are looking to have a good time, Midnight Breakfast Club provides a different atmosphere with a unique aspect of brunch late at night.

Ball State Alumni Jaylen Moore and Jason Holland have brought a twist of brunch culture to the Indianapolis scene through the Midnight Breakfast Club. The concept of “midnight breakfast,” which fueled the company’s creation, was introduced to Moore in his freshman year of college.

“Originally, it started as an event that was introduced to me my freshman year. One thing that I had came to find out is that midnight breakfast is nationally known.” Said Moore.

Moore decided a midnight breakfast was how he wanted to celebrate his July birthday last year. After pitching the idea to Holland, the duo decided to turn the idea into a highly anticipated event: the Midnight Breakfast Club.

“I feel like we’ve always been more of the idealistic tandem. We had done some things in college and high school on the event side, and this was a way to tailor that more to us now being adults.” Said Holland.

In 2022, the duo hosted the first event, selling around 60 tickets. This year, they held the event again, and ticket sales nearly tripled. Holland said that the Midnight Breakfast Club’s growth has been the most rewarding part of hosting the event.

“The most rewarding part has been the growth and also the newfound audience and following we have.” Said Holland.

The group will introduce another feature event Sept. 23: the Midnight Breakfast Art Gallery. Moore had an epiphany when listening to Art Talk by Larry that drove him to add this feature not only to elevate the event but also to give local artists a platform to showcase their work.

“Not only could it bring the more upscale vibe, but it can also give artists within our city that may be overlooked the exposure to present and sell their work.”  Said Moore.

Artists such as Ezekier Breaziel III, Kinshasa Renee, Madison Ivory and more will be featured during the event.

The upcoming event will be held at the Irvington Event Center and will start at 9 p.m. Tickets are available now and can be purchased here. To stay updated on Midnight Breakfast Club’s next moves, follow them on Instagram @MidnightBreakfastC.

This minority business highlight was composed by Multimedia Staff Reporter Braxton Babb at the Indianapolis Recorder, who can be reached at (317)762-7854 or via email at If you would like your business highlighted in the Indianapolis Minority Business Magazine, click here!

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