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Minority Business Highlight: SHE.Xperience

Founder and CEO Katina Washington created SHE.Xperience to provide a platform for new and growing Black- and woman-owned businesses to expand their customer reach, increase revenue and thrive in the industry.

SHE.Xperiences is a nonprofit organization that is credited with opening the first Black-owned department store in Circle City Mall in Downtown Indianapolis. The store, which houses more than 10 Black-owned businesses, not only connects Black women small business owners with “people and tools needed to create, grow and sustain thriving business,” but also invests back into the community.

Aside from the department store, SHE.Xperience also provides venues for events, such as the annual B.L.A.C.K. Rose Gala, where Black women entrepreneurs can come to learn solid business practices, network and circulate revenue throughout the Black community.

READ MORE: SHE. Xperience provides shopping, entertainment, connections

Washington also provides masterclass for local entrepreneurs to gain insight, motivation and resources to help build stronger relationships and foundations to move their businesses forward. 

The SHE.Xperience Shoppes are located at 838 N. Delaware St. For more information about upcoming events and masterclasses, visit To get in touch, contact or 317.600.3291.

If you have a minority owned and operated business you’d like to be featured in the Indiana Minority Business Magazine Directory, visit Indiana Minority Business Directory.

Contact staff writer Chloe McGowan at 317-762-7848. Follow her on Twitter @chloe_mcgowanxx.

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